Sound Attribute Error Only Psychopy Version 2023.1.2

I’ve uploaded a sound file using the sound component. The file worked on previous versions of Psychopy but I’ve recently updated to the newer version 2023.1.2, I’m creating a new experiment but with the same file and I keep getting this error:
line 356, in
elif ‘Filename’.isFinished:
AttributeError: ‘SoundPTB’ object has no attribute ‘isFinished’

When filename is the actual component name. I’ve never had this problem before and it quits the experiment after playing the sound with exit code 1 [pid:6693] .

Any help would be appreciated

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Sorry - a bit more context. I’ve now tried different audio files and it doesn’t work.
It seems to be a problem only on the second audio file, the first audio file I upload is fine, but when adding a simultaneous second one I get this problem.

Thanks for info.
I am trying to set up auditory Oddball paradigm set which contain simultaneous EEG triggers. I have had a serial port problem when I using 2022 2.25 and then I setup the latest version(2023.1.2) serial port problem solved but as you say sound problem appeared. Now I try 2023.1.1 and these two problem solved. Thanks again.