Psychopy Versions, Attribute Error: 'SoundPTB' object has no attribute 'isFinished'

Hi! I’m looking to run an experiment on multiple laptops. The problem is, it works on all but one laptop. I believe the issue is something to do with the Psychopy version. For some reason, whenever I set the Psychopy version to blank, it loads up the experiment normally but then crashes when it encounters the first audio and throws the error Attribute Error: ‘SoundPTB’ object has no attribute ‘isFinished’. I read a previous post about this error and changed the Psychopy version to a previous version (2022.2.5). This works on the other laptops but not for one. The issue is that it takes way too long (around 3 minutes) to load up the experiment and I’m not sure why changing the version would cause this effect.

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Could you please provide some more detail on the laptop that this doesn’t work on? Also, which version of PsychoPy are you using? As in, the downloaded version of the app.

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The laptop is a 2018 Macbook Air, version 10.14.6 Mojave. I’m unable to update the software version because of other experiments running on that laptop. I’m using the downloaded application of Psychopy.

In general the issue is probably something about MacOS 10.14 interacting with PsychoPy and the PTB backend in particular in a weird way. However, there is a work-around that might let you get the experiment working on that laptop in particular (though I don’t recommend doing it on any of the other computers where the study is already working).

If you’re using Psychopy 2022.2.5, you should be able to go into the general settings → hardware and change the sound library so it’s using ‘sounddevice’ instead of PTB. There will be an audio library setting with a list like “[‘PTB’,‘sounddevice’,‘pyo’]” and you can just take PTB out of the list. If sounddevice also doesn’t work you could try pyo, but in my experience with the versions of everything that you’re using, sounddevice should probably be fine.