Some Columns are not located in their right position in Excel(Sometimes mixed)

Thank you for someone who read this one.
My CSV file reads My online experiment data and their columns are designated to be right position. But if 10 participants play my game, almost 2 csv files had mixed columns so i should change the columns by my own hand. This thing is happening again and again and i totally dont know why OTL

This is why I save data in “Database “ format online. The order is odd but at least all participants have the same.


is it perhaps the case that the two odd ones did not react in the first trial?

Best wishes Jens

Thank you for your answer. i will try to save it in Database format.

Im not sure this is what you want to tell but i realized that some of my trials have more columns(different length of game set in one game.) I guess that is the reason why the columns are mixed. Thank you.