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SOLVED: Psychopy opens intermittently and Coder view issue

I’m running Psychopy on windows 10, which has been fine up until today.

Out of nowhere, Psychopy has stopped opening (I get the splash screen and then nothing).

Interestingly, if I drag my experiment file onto the Psychopy icon, it will open, but ONLY in builder view. Coder view will not open.

I’ve reinstalled, and I’ve cleared my Appdata and preference files - still the same issue.

Any ideas?

And if you select View -> Open Coder view?

Otherwise, what about this:

The Coder view will not open from builder view - when I click on it, nothing happens.

I’m also fairly certain that it’s not a windows issue.

EDIT: I deleted the monitor files kept in the AppData folder and this seemed to solve the issue.