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Problem with opening Coder View


I am running Psychopy 1.84 on Windows 10.
It was working fine lately, but today I ran the program and couldn’t open Coder View (I tried to load my .py and also tried to compile code from .psyexp). It opens invisible window /, that I see in my tray but can’t open up.
Bulider works normally.

Tried to uninstall and install Standalone again, but nothing seems to be working.


In Windows 10 I’ve run into problems that sound similar and not only with PsychoPy. Start PsychoPy, move the mouse over the icon, press the Shift-key (and hold it down) and then Right-click. When you release the mouse-button a small window pops up and there you should click on Maximize. This works for me and I hope this also works for you.

Did you fix the issue? If not…

Cleaning your preferences and/or appdata might also help, I had a similar issue previously and this fixed it.

On Windows 10, search ‘’%appdata%’, and they’re in the Psychopy folder.


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Dear Steve,

I think I have the same problem with my code view. I have windows 7 and Psychopy 1.85. However, I could not find my preferences file to delete them. Where exactly should I look for?

Thank you in advance

I had exactly the same problem and I was unable to find the appdata file in the given filesystem path. I did a simple search in the Windows file system and I found it. Deleted both files as described here -> (section: Cleaning preferences and app data) and the problem was fixed.

On Windows 7, Omar’s solution worked for me.