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Small issue with the Typed Response in Pavlovia

Hi this is my gitllab link
The issue I am having is at the last phase, the Test Trial part.
After the Change Detection 2 Routine, the button response in ChangeDetection2 shows up at the response of the TestTrial_Part2 text response part.

For example,
the answers for the Change Detection 2 routine was a button response ‘q’ then the empty spot in TestTrial_Part2, which should be with empty space, shows up with ‘q’ although I haven’t typed anything. Could anyone help me with this?

Following images are the codes that had been used for ChangeDetection2 and TestTrial_Part2.

Put your code components above any other components that refer to the variables that they calculate. The components are executed in order from top to bottom - right-click on their icons to change their ordering.

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Thank you for the tip!
I have incorporated such changes to my study, but the issue still persists. Would you happen to have any more suggestions on solving such issue?

What are you doing to reset the response and cope with the possibility of the mouse button being down at the start of the trial?

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Hi @wakecarter,
I am using
ResponseType.setText(’ ‘) for before the TestTrial Part 2 (so, in the End Routine of ChangeDetection2) and during TestTrial Part 2 (which is at the Begin Routine of the TestTrial Part 2). For the TestTrial Part 2, the exact code is:
modify = false; ResponseType.setText(’ ');

Should I do something else to solve this issue?
*the code above is javascript code

Try ResponseType.text=’’;

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Hi @wakecarter,
Im getting an error message that says
‘TypeError: ResponseType.text is not a function.’.
Should I put that code in any specific area?

Sorry about that, i forgot to type in = into it.
The experiment runs fine, but the issues with ‘q’ or ‘p’ typed in is still not fixed.

Hi all,

it was psychoJS.eventManager.getKeys(’’) that did the trick!
Thanks for all the help!