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Slider function (possible participant response options)

Hi, I am a beginner in using PsychoPy (Builder view), therefore this may be a question that might seem quite obvious however any answers and support will be greatly appreciated.

OS : Windows 10
PsychoPy version** : v3.0

I am currently in the making of a visual working memory task and want to apply the slider function to my experiment at probe location. I was wondering whether anyone was familiar with using different response keys within this specific function?

More specifically if the rotary button (usually used to assist scrolling) on the mouse could be used to manipulate the slider within the experiment? My experiment is predominately focused on the ability of the participant to be able to recall the correct shape size from the memory stimuli at probe location. The slider will be applied to assist the participant is manipulating the size of the shape (as the slider moves the stimuli will change size depending on which end they will drag the slider to).

Any help will be appreciated!



Hi @sandragawel1, I have got this working using the Griffin Powermate. Are you using something similar?