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Continuous slider response

Please note: I am completely new to psychopy

What am I trying to achieve?
I am creating an online experiment that is an adapted version of the ‘Beads Task’. In my version, participants are randomly presented with two different tones (that represent birds singing in a tree) and their task is to estimate the proportion of green to orange birds in the tree at that specific moment, based on the tones that they hear.

I need to have a response slider (like the one below) where participants can use their keypad continuously throughout a block to indicate their proportional estimates. I would need to record their continuous updating through the block (i.e. their position on the slider, when they move)

Is this possible using psychopy?

Thanks, Lauren

When you insert a “slider” component, on its “Data” tab, select that you want it to store its history (i.e. this should store a series of ratings, rather than just the final one). I don’t know enough about the Slider component to know if it stores just discrete clicks, or if it takes the continuous position (i.e. the slider position on every screen refresh).

Hi Michael,

Even if the Slider only records discrete clicks, it would also record the time of those clicks right? In that case, Lauren basically reconstruct the position of the slider continuously over the course of the round.