Slider error on Pavlovia

This is my first time trying to put an experiment online so sorry if this is an obvious question!

I have an experiment that runs perfectly on the desktop, however, I get an unspecified javascript error when I try to run it on Pavlovia. I tried isolating the elements and I have come to the conclusion that the slider component is likely causing the error. I’ve tried playing with the settings on my slider with no luck.

For testing purposes, I removed all but one of my slider elements, which still causes the unspecified javascript error. Any ideas on what’s going wrong here?

day 2 test 10.27.2020.psyexp (88.3 KB)

Hello @jessicaudry,

I just ran Final Day 2, and New day 2 a bit and did not experience any issues on my end.
Could you give me the path of the experiment which is giving you an error? And on which browser you are experiencing that error?