Unspecified Javascript Error while running online experiment in Chrome browser

URL of experiment: https://run.pavlovia.org/nabilahHB/game-3

Description of the problem:
Hi, I have been running my experiment for 3 consecutive days. But I encountered a similar error for my participants. They complained that they cant access the link from Chrome browser and it shows a pop-up box saying Unspecified JavaScript Error. I’ve tried various strategies using Chrome Incognito tab, trying another browser, restart the laptop and all but it failed.

Is there any bug on my experiment or is it just the problem from the participant’s device? really need your help and advice because I’m still going to run until next week.


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I have the same problem, for me it works in a different browser. Most participants should have either Edge or Safari and I haven’t encountered any problems in those.

Thanks for your answer! Okay I will try it for my participants today