Slider: Allow to select all answers that apply (select more than one radio option for each slider)?

I’d like to create a questionnaire that allows the participant to select multiple response options within one slider (i.e., select all that apply), and have it function online.

I haven’t see any posts on how to potentially do this in psychopy besides this post, but it’s a bit vague to figure out what was implemented.

Is there a way to do this by adding a code component to a routine with a radio slider that can allow for multiple ratings to be pressed on and off instead of each new rating choice erasing the prior rating choice?

If there was a way to make multiple sliders in one routine that each only have one tick to click on/off, that would work, but currently slider needs a minimum of 2 ticks (which won’t work for what I’m hoping to do).

The only other option I can think of is re-drawing polygons over the slider options, create a “filled-in” polygon that appears and disappears alternatively for each subsequent mouse click (which then would store a variable as 0 or 1 depending if the filled-in polygon is visible), and then return that var for each answer choice, but that seems a bit complicated.

I’m hoping there’s a cleaner/simpler way to do this-- has anyone successfully created a “select all that apply” question on psychopy & pavlovia?

How important is it for these to be sliders specifically? The new Form component has radio button questions, which I believe support multiple answers.

Hi @TParsons, it isn’t essential to use slider over forms, just cleaner with the other sliders in the exp. While the form component does have the radio question option, it behaves the same as slider in that you can only select one response per question and prior choices are overwritten.

I know forms are still quite in Beta so I’ve been trying to customize sliders, knowing that forms are likely still pretty limited. Neither seem to allow for a way to select more than one response option though-- do you have any ideas/workarounds to get this functionality, ideally in slider? Even if this did work in Forms, I have been unsuccessful in getting the visuals to behave as I expect (e.g., in size of form space, position of form on screen, padding of responses when they are longer (6-9 words), etc.).

Also just a note, while I’m trying to get a base version working in builder, the higher priority is getting a version that works online!

Hi there, checking in again if there is any way to select “all that apply” (i.e. multiple choices) within one slider on pavlovia, potentially via a code component? Or Forms? Any method?

Hi there,
Did you find any solution for selecting multiple answers with a slider component? I also need this feature.


Checking in to see if any solution was found.