Recording of Multiple responses on one slide

I’m using the last version of psychopy. I’m trying to record two slider responses on one slide. unfortunately, no response is recorded in the data file (none for both). I don’t understand why. this functions perfectly if I check “single click” in the properties of the slider but not if this is unchecked. I would like to let people change their response before the next trial. have you an idea to correctly do that? thanks a lot.

I notice you’re using Rating Scale components rather than Sliders - Rating Scales are on the path to deprecation as the Slider component can now do everything thing they could. Does this work if you switch the Rating Scales for Sliders?

I have tried with a slider but the response are problematic for me. one slider is a radio with labels. I want to find these labels in my data file. but it gives me numbers and allows to click between two radio buttons. this is not possible for my experiment (emotion recognition task…). do you think that the rating scale could explain also why my study doesn’t run under pavlovia?? thanks