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Size of the dialog box

I would like to set the bigger input window e.g. 800x500 px. this is part of my code:

from psychopy import gui
myDlg = gui.Dlg(title="my experiment",size=[800,500])

but the window wis still in standard size. I tried with the different numbers, but the window is still the same.
is there sone one who can help me, please?

with regards,

Hi Tomasz,

You can’t actually change the size of the GUI in the way you are suggesting. The GUI is a fixed size ratio that gets bigger or smaller depending on how many text or input fields you have. Right now you have only 1 text field (title=“my expeirment”) so you GUI will be really small. Adding more input fields will make it bigger, but you can’t set the size of it yourself. It isn’t customizable in that way.