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Implementation of GUI seems to change window settings

Hi everyone,

currently I’m writing a script (Coder) using the latest Psychopy standalone (1.85.2) version on a Windows 10 Laptop. Doing so I ran into two different problems regarding the screen resolution.

My experiment will be presented in fullscreen mode on a screen of 1920x1080. Weirdly, the resolution seems to change depending on whether I use a GUI or not. If a GUI is popping up before the big window is launched, my stimuli are presented as I defined them. However, the following message is displayed in my output window.

If no GUI is included, my stimuli are not presented as predefined (My screen is designed in a way
that the grey screen has a white border of 100pixels on each side which conveniently makes it easy to detect if the screen is displayed differently). So what I observe is that the white border is missing and the stimuli are bigger than they should be. Apparently, the screen size definition is changed which also matches with the message delivered to my output window which tells me my screen resolution was 1535x864 which is incorrect.

As I understand it, the screen is read out differently depending on the GUI settings.

The second problem occured when trying to present the experiment on an external monitor. According to the system settings the resolution should be 1920x1200. When running the experiment the screen again doesn’t look like it is supposed to be and according to the output window the screen size was 2400x1500.

So for both problems I was wondering if Psychopy doesn’t seem to be reading my screen settings/characteristics correctly or if this is more likely to be a bug in my script?
Thanks in advance!