'Other' option not appearing when survey is running (works in preview)

Hi there,

In my Pavlovia survey, the ‘Other’ option for Checkboxes questions is no longer appearing. This worked normally until 31/10/23 and I noticed today that it no longer worked.

I did not change any code. The ‘Other’ option continues to show up as expected in Preview. But when using the link to the running survey, the ‘Other’ option no longer appears. I have attached screenshots of the same question in Preview vs Running to show this difference.

Since I did not change any code, and the survey works as expected in Preview, I am assuming that this error is a Pavlovia-wide issue.

I am using the ‘Other’ option across this survey in multiple questionnaires and will need to launch this study soon. Any help around fixing this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Another person seems to have a very similar problem: Pavlovia surveys 'Other' radio dial / text response missing


Here’s a. very simple illustration of the problem with just one checkbox question I just created. Other appears in Designer and again in Preview but simply isn’t there in the Run version which is at Pavlovia Survey


I have also been experiencing this issue and am somewhat concerned as I too have a survey that needs to be launched soon!


Same thing is happening for me, very strange!

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Oddly enough the other option is still working in my demographics template

but not if I copy and edit it

I’ll create a bug report

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Thank you!

Any sense of when this bug might be resolved - we’ve PG students looking to launch surveys next week and about 100 final year UG students who will be working to create surveys so it would be useful to give them a sense of a possible timescale?

Hi Andrew,

Alain has told me that he will be working on surveys next week. This week has been taken up with the server move.

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Have you had the chance to look it up?