Pavlovia surveys 'Other' radio dial / text response missing

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem:
I’ve just created my first Pavlovia Survey, with several ‘radio button’ questions that allow ‘Other’ responses that are supposed to add text boxes if ticked. When I preview the experiment within the Pavlovia online interface, these ‘Other’ options appear and they work fine. But when I try to properly pilot or run the survey (from the same browser), the ‘Other’ options do not appear at all (see below). How can I make sure that all of the options that should appear actually appear?

Preview mode:

Piloting or Running mode:

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Update: I wasn’t able to resolve the problem properly, but ended up just creating new “Other” options for these questions (i.e., not the built-in “Other” options that are supposed to pop-up text boxes) and adding text boxes as separate follow-up questions that were logic-linked to a participant selecting my custom “Other” response. So it’s no longer a pressing concern for me, but might be one for others in the future.

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Hi there,

I’m having the same issue with Checkboxes questions - it’s reassuring to see someone else had the same problem! Everything worked normally until 31/10/23 and I noticed the error today. One of my questionnaires relies on the ‘Other’ option at the moment, so I am hoping there will be a solution to this soon.