'simple staircase' error message when trying to run QUEST+ staircase

URL of experiment: Pavlovia

Description of the problem: I have used the builder to create a cost/benefit experiment and I am using QUEST+ since I need it to handle 3 dimensions/variables and its suppose to run online. While trying to run the experiment locally I get the following error message:

When I try on pavlovia instead I just get a blank white screen and no error message

I have looked through both the python code and the converted JS code and as far as I can see it should make a QUEST+ staircase using the MultiStaircaseHandler. Why do I get these errors?

Hi There,

I don’t believe QUEST+ is yet supported out of box online yet - sorry about that. You can use a simple QUEST or use JS code components if you’re familiar with JS.


Thank you for your reply @Becca!
Although it was not the reply I was hoping for. Do you mean then that support is not given at all at the moment? As I see it, even if I can get the code correct with JS code instead of using it from the builder, I wont know if it will work server-side until I am finished? The use of QUEST+ is, as far as I understand it, a crucial part of the experiment I am working on since it is suppose to work on 3 dimensions, not 2.

Since QUEST+ is both available in the builder and in the PsychoPy documentation I was expecting it to be working even if it meant that perhaps some updates would be made further along.