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Shuffling combinations of stimuli


I have two types of primes (as text: prime1, prime2), in total 20 (10 each type). Then, I have 120 text stimuli, 60 per each type of prime. In one block I would like to present a random prime and then 10 random stimuli, belonging to the prime type (1 or 2), with no repetitions between the blocks. I created two files: primes1.cvs and primes2.cvs as well as items1.cvs and items2.cvs. Please help me procede. Maybe I should also create some conditions file like Combinations.cvs? So in a nutshell: every prime should be random and within the prime type stimuli the 10 stimuli should be randomly chosen.

Many thanks in adavance.

I believe the recommended way to do this is nest two trial loops inside one another, each holding its own trialHandler object, each of them having loaded your prime 1 and prime2 files, respectively.
Nevertheless, formatting the final trial conditions file for output is on your own, anyway.