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Importing and randomizing music stimuli

Hi everyone, I am a student trying to create his first experiment on PsychoPy and without any previous coding experience. In this experiment I am going to have 4 blocks of 8 repetitions in two conditions: a sound one and a textual one. I have 64 stimuli, 32 per condition, divided into 4 groups of 8. I need to randomize all the stimuli in order to have 4 repetitions per condition in every block, moreover I need the program to avoid presenting the same stimulus again both within the condition and across the conditions, since the two groups of 32 stimuli are made of the same targets but presented to the participants in the two different modalities. It would be even better to have a balanced number of items from the 4 groups in every block, but it is not really necessary.

My problem is that I don’t know how to do all of this with the musical stimuli, 32 mp3 or waw files, and that I don’t know how to connect each stimulus (which should come in random order) with the possible answers the subjects have to evaluate. Actually I am not asking for the complete solution, it would be great to me but not much “ethical”, rather I would appreciate some guidelines about how to tackle the problem (using Excel conditions sheets or code components, maybe both).

I hope I clearly described the situation and thank you in advance.