Should I upgrade modules / packages in PsychoPy 2023.2.3


I am sorry if this is a silly question. I work as IT admin and I am looking to deploy PsychoPy 2023.2.3 for students and academics. The latest version was requested with openpyxl 3.1.2 specifically.
I understand I can easily upgrade openpyxl using pip using the plugin\package manager.

My question is, should I be looking to update / upgrade all modules and packages, is it safe to do? or will it break some dependencies.
If it is OK to do what is the best practice?

Kind regards

I’ve been working with psychopy in labs for a few years now; I would recommend asking each PI before upgrading their lab’s machines. I have seen upgrades break experiments often, especially if they have the experiment set to use the latest version (but even sometimes when they have it set to run with a previous version). I’m actually currently working through some issues caused by an upgrade from 2021.1.4 to 2023.2.3. For macs this break may be inevitable, since I believe one of the recent OS upgrades also changes the python version system-wide. But others may know more about this.

I think many on this forum will agree that the safest time to upgrade is when starting a new project-- and people should eventually want to upgrade since there are a lot of new features/bug fixes being added all the time. It couldn’t hurt to prod PIs whenever upgrades are happening to see if they’d like to upgrade as well. If they do choose to upgrade mid-experiment, they should have a backup copy of the older version that was never even opened in the new version (in my experience). Again, others may have more to say.