Setting up SSH Key with

Following these instructions to add a SSH key to my GitLab account.

Everything works up to the point where you test if everything is set up:
ssh -T
It asks for a password. What password?

I’ve tried the following:

  • pavlovia gitlab PW
  • github PW
  • pw you create when making SSH token
  • blank PW when making SSH token (created new token and not setting a pw)

Every time I get the following Permission denied error and it kicks me out after 3 tries: Permission denied (publickey,password)

We recently tightened the security on the server and were perhaps overzealous!
I’ve just relaxed the ssh constrained. Would you mind giving it another go?


I tried the command again, and it gave me the welcome message!

For anyone who is keeping track, it didn’t ask for a password after sending the ssh -T... command

Thanks Alain!

@apitiot I’m experiencing the same issue with trying to set up my SSH key with It’s asking for a password. What password should I enter?