Sequential stimuli timing within routine

Hi everyone,

I have a 6-second routine with two images presented sequentially for variable amounts of time. The first image is on screen anywhere from 2-5 seconds, and then I’d like the second image to be presented once the first image disappears and to remain on screen for the remainder of the 6 second period before the routine ends (precision timing not terribly important).

As I’ve set the start/stop parameters for the second image (see below), it just appears briefly (fraction of a second) once the first image disappears, and then the routine ends. For some reason, it is not remaining on screen for the full remainder of the 6 seconds.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

Try creating a text element of a space with a duration of 6 seconds and setting the duration of image 2 to that text element being finished.

I think your issue may be that when the first image ends there’s nothing to stop the routine ending.

This worked with the stop parameter for the second image set as a condition. Thank you!!