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Fast First Trial and Stimulus Presentation Length


I have an ‘Instructions’ routine coded and then in the next routine, ‘Task’, a set of 5 images are presented on the screen for 5 seconds.
The routine ‘Task’ is within a loop that pulls images randomly from an excel spreadsheet.
I am running into a problem where the first set of 5 images does not actually stay on the screen for 5 seconds even though it is supposed to. It seems almost like a lag in the program where the images only stay on the screen for 2-3 seconds.

I was wondering how I can fix this bug, or how to code a column in my output data that will tell me how long each ‘Task’ routine actually stays on the screen for.

I am using v3.0.0b10


Hi @leorelizur, I would update your psychopy to the latest stable release, version 3.0.1. Not sure what is happening with your experiment, would you be able to post your Builder file?

Here are my builder files, I will try to update my psychopy: ForcedChoiceBOSS_CBA.psyexp (76.5 KB)
ForcedChoiceNAPS_CBA.psyexp (61.6 KB)