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Sequences in a trial

**PsychoPy 3

**Hello everyone! I’m trying to make a self-assessment manikin for words used in an emotional stroop task and I’ve got issues with the timing. I’ve created a trial with text stimuli (120 words) and visual stimuli (two sam evaluation images) , the response is given on a 9 points likert scale using the keyboard.
The issue is that I need this sequence: word 1 , image 1, image 2 ; word 2 , image 1 , image 2…etc. I managed to create the following: word 1 , image 1, word 1, image 2…etc. Therefore, I would like words to present once and then the two images to follow it.

Thank you!

Hi, this should be straightforward so it isn’t clear where the problem lies. It would be best if you tell us exactly what you have done (using the terminology of stimulus components, routines, and loops), ideally with screenshots, so we can see where the issue lies. Also describe the structure of your conditions file.