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How can I create a self-paced response, while stimulus is shown for 1s

Hello everyone,
I’m new to psychopy and coding, so I’d really appreciate some help.

I want to present a stimulus for 1s. From the onset on the participant can respond whether they have seen the stimulus before or not. the response is recorded and also the reactiontime.
I want the trial to be self-paced, so after giving a response the next trial starts.
But I don’t want to shorten the presentation time, in case a participant responds during the presentation time. (so end routine with pressing key is not an option)
If there is no response during the presentation there should be a fixation point until the participant responded. If participants respond during the presentation the fixation point can be skipt and the next trial starts.

i don’t know if this is possible to do in builder, or if it has to be done in coding?

Thank you for your help :))

Hi @TamaraAls, how far have you got with creating your study?

We recommend following the PsychoPy Stroop tutorial for learning Builder fundamentals.