Sending triggers to brain vision trigger box

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OS (e.g. Win10): Win 10
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): 2021.1.1.4
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I am trying to send triggers to my EEG system. I am using the brain vision achiChamp amplifier and the goal is to send triggers whenever an auditory stimulus started playing. As I must use the serial port to send triggers to the trigger box I have used this code which I found here in Psychopy forum:

#Python Example
import serial
import time
import threading
Connected = True
PulseWidth = 0.01
def ReadThread(port):
while Connected:
if port.inWaiting() > 0:
print “0x%X”%ord(

Open the Windows device manager, search for the “TriggerBox VirtualSerial Port (COM6)”

in “Ports /COM & LPT)” and enter the COM port number in the constructor.

port = serial.Serial(“COM6”)

Start the read thread

thread = threading.Thread(target=ReadThread, args=(port,))

Set the port to an initial state


Set Bit 0, Pin 2 of the Output(to Amp) connector


Reset Bit 0, Pin 2 of the Output(to Amp) connector


Reset the port to its default state


Terminate the read thread

Connected = False

Close the serial port


However, when I use port.write() command nothing is sent to the EEG system. I tried to just set the port high and low by using port.setDTR(True) and it works. But by using this command, I am not able to send different triggers, and the only way to differentiate triggers for different stimuli is the time interval between setting high and low.
Now I am wondering why in my system the serial port.write() command is not working but port.setDTR() works. I should also mention that the computer which is used for sending triggers is connected through a USB port and a USB to serial converter to the trigger box. I am not sure if that is the problem.
I would be more than happy if anyone can help me.

Hi There,

Could you try encoding a string when you use the port.write() command - something like this?

Hope this helps,

Thanks @ Becca, but it didn’t work! I think something is wrong with how the trigger box (the box that gets triggers from psychopy and sends them to the EEG system) is connected to the stimulus computer. I know that the brain vision trigger box uses a serial connection and in our lab it is connected via a USB and a USB to serial adaptor to the stimulus computer. This means that when I write port.write (str.encode(‘1’)) the code is sent through a USB cable to the USB to serial adaptor and then to the trigger box. Could this be the problem that it does not show up in my EEG system?

Hi Shiva,

Were you able to find a solution to this? We are using the same trigger box for NIRs and are unable to send triggers. Can you share your solution with us