Send triggers via Labjack T7-Pro

Psychopy v2022.2.4

Hello everyone,

We want to send triggers to fMRI via Labjack T7-Pro in Psychopy. I have no success finding any information on that. Is it completely unrealistic? It would be very helpful if you had any suggestions.

Thank you!

Sounds like your problem isn’t with Psychopy, but connecting with your scanner. We use a Cedrus Lumina box to receive triggers to a Siemens Prisma. Are you interfacing the Labjack directly with a scanner trigger cable or running through a controller of some kind?

To be clear, whether using the Cedrus Lumina controller or others, it is typically the fMRI scanner that is sending the TR or slice triggers. The scanner does not receive them.

I am not familiar with the Labjack T7-Pro but something to look for is pulse duration. For Siemens, the trigger pulse duration is typically in the 20µs range – very short. GE scanner triggers have longer durations. The older GE models had a duration of 500ms but I’m not sure what they are on newer ones.

Sorry for the inaccurate explanation. You are right. It should be ‘Receive triggers via Labjack’.
This is required to receive the trigger from the scanner for synchronization.

Psychopy provides an interface to the labjack U3, but we have T7-Pro. labjacks (USB I/O devices) — PsychoPy v2023.1.0

We found this: labjack-unified · PyPI and added in paths(in Preferences).
But it didn’t work.