fMRI Synchronization with PsychoPy Using Serial Port

I am running an fMRI task experiment and I would like to receive a trigger from the MRI device so I can sync my MRI imaging device with my PsychoPy task.

To do this I am connecting the PC to the SIEMENS Magnetom Vida MRI scanner using the Nordic Neuro lab synch box via a serial port.

To test this out, I am creating the PsychoPy experiment using the Builder, particularly I am using the Serial Out (Beta) component to allow communication between the PC and the MRI scanner. In order to set up the experiment such that it waits until the MRI has sent out a trigger before moving on to present the trials, I am selecting the ‘Get Response?’ option in the Data tab of the Serial Out (Beta) component. This can be seen in the attached screenshot below.

Am I using the right approach to make sure that the experiment is receiving a trigger from the MRI before presenting the trials or should I add any additional code to this?