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Semi-Interactive Online Experiment

I want to conduct a semi-interactive experiment where one person fills in certain answers, that another person will react to. For instance, one person recommends how much a certain object would cost and the other person (based on this advice and on some other information) will react.

It is semi-interactive because the gathering of the answers of the participants does not need to happen at the same time. Once the answers of the first participant are in, they can be saved, and the other participant could do the experiment later. It requires the experiment of the ‘second participant’ to show the “recommendations” that the ‘first participant’ gave (how much certain objects cost). Is something like this possible from PsychoPy to Pavlovia?

Is there anyone who has experience in this or tips for this type of experiment?

It would require unique trials (based on the answers of somebody else) for each experiment of the second type.