Assign repetitive experiments to subject

I am not sure my design can be implemented with Psychopy/Pavlovia, although the procedure is quite common. So maybe I just haven’t found a way yet:

Each subject is supposed to take part in a second experiment two weeks after the first experiment. In order to compare the results the two experiments carried out should be assigned to the subject.

I intend to conduct the experiments online (via Pavlovia). Does anyone know whether there is a way to be able to assign two independent experiments to the same test person?

Question to check if I understood you correctly: experiment 1 & 2 are different from eachother, but experiment 1 is the same for all participants, as is experiment 2?

Hi @thomas_pronk , exactly - you got me completely right.

How are you recruiting? If it’s anonymous, you could use my app to assign a participant number for expt 1 and then display this number prominently at the end of the experiment asking them to make a not and enter it themselves for expt 2.

If it’s not anonymous then it depends on what else you are using (Qualtrics, Prolific, Sona, etc).

Thank you, @wakecarter, this could be helpful and I’m definitely going to have a closer look at your app.