Self-paced reading task// A bug in the flow

You could try using the textbox component instead, which has linespacing as a formatting option. If you don’t tick “editable” I think it should behave in the same way.

Great suggestion. I will try that first. Thanks!


I hope it is okay that I comment on this topic.

@wakecarter I have forked your experiment to adapt for my own SPR experiment. Before making any changes to the code, I tried running the experiment to check whether it works just like your online version. Unfortunately, I cannot get beyond the fixation cross because the experiments suddenly ends. In the runner it says:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\KK\Documents\SPR\”, line 388, in
NameError: name ‘math’ is not defined

I tried to figure it out myself, but am I am quite new to programming. I am using version 2022.1.2 but I changed the settings to run the experiment on version 2021.2.3.

Also, when adapting the code for my procedure, can I simply delete the code of the SPR variants I do not need? I am afraid I might destroy everything…

You should be able to delete the unwanted SPR code.

You might need to import math in a Python component for it to work offline.