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Self-paced-reading experiment error



I’m building a self-paced reading experiment and everything is working fine, but except for one small thing.

In the experiment, after each sentence a question appears which the participant has to answer with yes or no. For example: The judge was not believed by everyone. Was the judge believed by everyone?
Now, for some reason, sometimes after this question the last word of the previous sentence appears again and then the same question is asked again. Like: everyone.Was the judge believed by everyone?

It looks like there is some repetition but I don’t understand why it happens only for a few times and to different sentences.

The experiment is for my bachelor thesis and I really want to start testing people as soon as possible. Can somebody please help me?


Hi Valerie.

We can’t answer this question without seeing the code you are using to show your text, from each tab of your code component(s). And probably also a screenshot of your flow pane,l so we can see the structure of your experiment.


Hi Michael,

Do you mean these?

I hope this helps!

Maybe it is also good to know that it does it for exactly seven times during one experiment. I just ran it again and it happened for 4 times in a row for one sentence, and 3 times to other sentences.
And if I would run it again then it would probably happen in a different order…so confusing.



Yaay! I’ve fixed it myself. :smile:
The conditions file had a few ghost sentences I think, I removed them and now there are no repetitions anymore.
I don’t know how to explain it correctly, but it worked!