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Selecting excel file

I am having an issue with the Excel file where I have written the conditions. I go to trial properties then click on browse and try to select the Excel file but it doesn’t recognise it. For some reason it does recognise other Excel files but not this one. I have also tried pasting the conditions into the file that it does recognise and saving it as a .csv file but that doesn’t work either. Any idea why this might be? Thanks!

Hi, can you please share an example of a failing Excel file?

Sure, here I am attaching it, thank youList 1.xlsx|attachment (19.3 KB)

List 1.xlsx (19.3 KB)

I think the issue is the use of numbers as column names. To get around this, you could add a character to the beginning of each column header e.g., a1.

Yes, that worked, thank you!