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Newly unable to import xlsx file "No parameters set/conditionsFile not found"

OS : 10.14.2 Mojave
PsychoPy version: 3.1.2
Standard Standalone? yes
What are you trying to achieve?:
Trying to import my xlsx conditions file in builder, this worked until yesterday (July 18 EST) morning, unfortunately now nothing seems to work anymore. Also, often when I try to upload a file through the browse function, it loads for a very long time and then crashes.

What did you try to make it work?: Have tried converting the file to csv, checked the file multiple times, checked with different files, made a new projects and tried with different xlsx and csv files - nothing imports. I’ve also tried putting the path to the file in manually. Experiments that worked before with their respective conditions file now also don’t load those or others in anymore - I’ve tried going back to those to see if they’d work with this specific file, but seems like I didn’t do myself a favor there as now they broke too.

What specifically went wrong when you tried that?:
It either does not seem to ‘see’ the file at all - after using Browse… it will still say no parameters set or it will ‘see’ the file and its name will come up (but only in about 20% of the time) and say, in addition to the above, (conditionsFile not found)
And then there’s the crashing that happens often, sometimes the whole program shuts down. Have not had this problem before yesterday afternoon, and I’ve tried all the solutions that I’ve seen on the forum here but none of them work. Any ideas of what else I can try would be very welcome!

Hi @carlijn, you will need to create the loop before adding the conditions file. So, create loop, click ok, reopen the loop and add the conditions file. You may also want to check your console for error messages, in case you have improper formatting in your conditions file e.g., column names starting with numbers etc.

I think this is a bug, and needs an issue to be raised on GitHub.

Hi David, thanks for your quick answer! Yes, I’ve clicked insert loop, clicked “OK”, and then tried again, still says no parameters set. Also, I don’t know if this was the case before, but it opens the loop properties window right away, before I can click the second point of the loop.

I don’t have any column names starting with numbers in the file.

@carlijn, would you mind sharing your conditions file?

@dvbridges of course. I have by now got it to work with different versions I made of the conditions file ( I can also show you one that works if that helps at all!).
I think the problem with it was that the trial numbers (first column) started with 41 (because when I copy-pasted the whole thing in a new doc and changed those starting at 1, it worked). I don’t know and couldn’t find anywhere why this wasn’t allowed.

I compared this one with a csv of a working file that was almost exactly the same, but those were the first 40 trials, and these the next 160. There were no other differences. I also tried one with deleting the columns that aren’t filled in for all trials (as you can see in this version targetpos and targetcol are only added in up until trialnum 100, but this didn’t help. hardcodeall.xlsx (49.0 KB)