Script Error when completing Survey on iPhone

Hi there,

A participant encountered an error message stating “Unfortunately we have encountered the following error: Script error” when completing a single choice matrix type question on Pavlovia Surveys. They were able to click ‘ok’ and continue with the study and the downloaded data was complete. They were using an iPhone 12, the same problem has not occurred for people using an android phone so far.

All the questions have been named such as “dassq1” etc. Punctuation such as “.” has been removed from the question titles also and the same error message still persists. There are no images in the survey and the only html question types are at the beginning and end and they don’t appear to be causing any issues.

Any advice for resolving this issue would be appreciated.

Hi, just wanted to check if you’ve seen this post Script Error In Running Online Study On Phones

If their solution doesn’t work, do you mind giving Consultancy read access to your survey so we can take a closer look.

Hi, I was able to resolve the issue. I discovered the error occurred when I used the rating type question. Changing to a dropdown question type fixed the issue.