Screen settings and wrapping help! I'm stuck!


I have my experiment up and running online but my pilot participants have informed me that some of the instructions are getting cut off on smaller laptop screens e.g. 13 inch ones. I use a larger monitor and I’ve fiddled with the wrap width extensively to get the instructions to display on my screen, which they do.

My experimental settings are those I used in a previous study with previous success (see attached image).

I’ve also attached one of the properties tab to show the settings I have for the instructions. Across screens the wrap width setting varies according to how much text is on screen. One issue is that I’m using a non-segmental language (Thai) so wrapping is a bit more complex than when using English.

Everything else is good; stimuli display fine, etc. It’s just when I have a lot of words on the screen for the instructions that they get cut off.

Any help or suggestions would be highly appreciated.


I’ve included a pilot token for the URL of my experiment but I guess it expires in an hour.

THPN-2-SC-23-V4-TH [PsychoPy])

While height is usually the best unit of measurement for experiments I would recommend using norm for large blocks of text. Change in the component, not the experiment settings.

1.7 wrap in height units will go off the edge of many screens. In norm the screen width is 2.

As always Wakefield, many thanks. Will try that now for the large text components.

I updated to norm units in the settings for the larger blocks of text (in the text component) and tried quite a few different wrap sizes (from small to large, including no value) to no avail. It works fine on my larger screen but some of the text gets cut off on my smaller 13" laptop screen.

I think the issue is the way Thai is written without spaces, as it only affects the really long sentences. I guess so we have to find a way of splitting the text up so that it starts a new line somehow.

Ah. PsychoPy won’t split words so you need to add some spaces to your Thai to ensure that it wraps. With some Chinese I was recently working on I added a space at the end of each sentence.

Thanks, I’ve asked my RA to revise the long sentences - hopefully that works.