Saving trial-level audio output in real time

Hey Brian,

Thanks again for your input. I think I figured out what our problem was. I’m documenting everything here for others to see.

Within the experiment settings GUI I needed to manually configure the sound library to PTB and I had to adjust the latency control to the -2- setting. I find that I can get verbal recordings when it is set to -3- or -4- but my experiment does occasionally crash. I made sure to adjust PsychoPy preference (cmd + ,) so that this is default moving forward.

Separately, I had to modify my microphone recording frequency from 48k to 16k. I think that my mac mini was not able to record and convert audio recordings unless I changed the default parameters to a lower frequency.

This would explain why my experiment would crash at random times and not at a specific location in the experiment. We’ll need to do more testing to figure out if this ‘solves’ the problem. e.g., others have said to run PsychoPy through the terminal. This didn’t fix my issue.