SameSite Cookies affecting code?

Description of the problem: Okay, so I’ve posted two questions recently (see spastic post 1 and spastic post 2) about how my online code keeps crashing and the console tells me it’s because a variable isn’t defined on the line in the code where I am defining said variable. I also noticed that all of the variables used in the code are defined at the top of the javascript code, so I had no idea what was happening. But then I clicked on the comment icon in the developer panel that said I had 14 issues. It said that I need to change the cookie’s SameSite attribute to equal None because it was blocking 14 requests (see screenshot below). The requests look like things I needed in the code, so I looked up what the SameSite attribute is and I found that Chrome recently updated to make this attribute’s default setting (Lax) stricter… I did notice recently that my browser updated. Is it possible that this has something to do with why my code won’t work? I tried adding SameSite = None; Secure; (what I found on the internet) to a JS only code component in the very first routine in the “before experiment” tab to see if it fixed anything, but now it won’t let me sync with Pavlovia because I guess it doesn’t like this. It’s possible that this has absolutely nothing to do with why my code isn’t working online, but I figured I’d ask because it seems odd and I feel like I’ve tried everything.