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Pavlovia code does not match what runs online

First I want to say thank you for having Pavlovia, it’s helping us to continue to do research online during this awkward time to be a researcher. I’m a longtime Psychopy user and having some growing pains getting experiments up. I have learned a little javascript and am close to having my experiment ready. The workarounds and cheatsheet are invaluable to getting this far.

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Recently I have noticed that the code online does not match what is run online. I save my experiment, convert to HTML and then sync. I try to run the experiment, but receive an error that a variable does not exist. When I look at the .js file by clicking “View code” the variable is not there. I realized if I just step away from the computer, leave the website for the experiment open in my browser and then come back to my computer a few hours later, the code works, without making any further changes.

Any idea what is happening? It’s hard to debug code when you there is a disconnect between the code and what is running. Any recommendations for debugging the code locally?

Hey @sheremat, sorry to hear you are having issues getting your experiment to run as expected. Maybe I lack access rights, but I was unable to open the link you posted. Would it be possible to send me a link to the gitlab repository on Pavlovia or upload your .psyexp here so that I can investigate further? Here to help, thanks, s.