Running studies online - From where and how can you run it?

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a simple example of an online experiment (i’m aware of all limitations, this is just for instructional purposes). I can export the experiment to HTML, of course - but i’m not sure how to use it from here.

I’m looking for a guide on where and how i can host my experiment and would appreciate any help on the matter. I suppose it can’t run from something like a shared folder on Google drive or Dropbox, right?

If it matters, i’m using Builder (1.85.2) on Windows 10.

Thanks in advance.

You need your own server (until the summer when we’ll be releasing our own). But really take note of the caution that this is not for people that don’t know much about web technologies. The current facilities are a proof of principal for us to show the concept works and for keen developers to get on board.

Hi Jon
I see. Well, i unfortunately know exactly nothing about servers. Thanks for the reply though. :slight_smile:

I’m teaching a class on PsychoPy and was hoping to show the online capabilities on one of the lessons.

When you say ‘releasing our own’, PIs will be able to host experiments on your server? If so, that’s excellent news.

Do you have an estimate of the pricing for hosting an experiment? I suppose it would not be free…

Timeframe: this summer for the initial beta version

Cost: nothing for the first year or so (we’ve got a development grant to cover it) and we’ll keep costs add low as we can after that (like £20 per study)

You’ll be able to push your study online to our server, from within the builder interface, with as few clicks as we can make possible

That sounds amazing. Thanks again!