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Running python code on Pavlovia

Hey all,

I would like to know if it is possible to run a custom python server on Pavlovia. So far the only link between Pavlovia an Python seems to be PsychoPy doing a PsychoJS export, ending up with no python code on the server at all.

Specifically I would like to host an experiment created in PsiTurk ( PsiTurk is a python server which will serve the html and related files but also takes care of collecting the data and storing it in a database. Because of regulations my lab does not want the experiment hosted on other servers than Pavlovia. I would like to avoid having to rewrite the task in another framework.

In short, can Pavlovia run a python server?

Hey Ili-ma, I’m affraid the Pavlovia server doesn’t support any server-side Python scripts.

That’s unfortunate but I suspected as much. Thanks for letting me know!