Running psychopy on lab server

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem: Hello - I am trying to run psychopy on my lab’s server. I’ve seen some previous posts that said this was not possible at the time, but I am wondering if progress has been made on this front. The experiment runs fine locally. I’ve generated the necessary index and javascript files and loaded the corresponding libraries, but I am getting the following error whenever I try running the experiment:

Is it possible to run psychopy (and collect data) on my lab’s server? If so, can you please help me work through the error? I am happy to share additional info and the experiment link if it is necessary.

The team has been working on it, but it wasn’t ready for the new release yet. This means that getting PsychoJS to run on a local server is possible in principle, but it requires a series of very ugly and iffy hacks. This, in turn, could make it hard to adapt your experiment to future PsychoJS updates.

Having said this, if you’d still like to proceed, here is a pointer: see the resources section on Pavlovia Help for how to download resources from a custom URL.

Excellent. Thanks for the info. I am able to get the experiment working on my lab’s server but I now have an issue with saving the data. It automatically downloads the data to my computer rather than saving it on the server. I have a data folder on the server and believe I have correctly directed the script to save the data to that location. I am unable to find any posts or pages that discuss a similar issue. Can you please direct me to any helpful docs?

Hi @abarnas our lab would also like to examine the possibility of hosting the experiments. May I contact you personally for that? I tried a simple experiment but even loading psychjs libs is weird because the js scripts tries to load all core modules from one js file. For example

import * as core from './lib/core-2021.1.2.js';

Could you please let me know how you fixed that? thanks