Running psychxr on meta quest 2

We are currently trying to run an experiment on quest 2, using psychxr. Psychopy is able to detect the HMD and establish a connection, as well as retrieve eye and head tracking information, but the issue comes when we are trying to display stimuli. No stimulus, even the simplest point, is able to be displayed. We are using the demo as a backbone, and adding a stim.draw() line after creating the buffer.

Here is psychopy/psychopy/demos/coder/hardware/ at release · psychopy/psychopy · GitHub

Please SOS!

After seeing this i will get back to you soon :smiling_face:


I’m the developer of PsychXR. Support for newer headsets hasn’t been added given the move to OpenXR by Oculus, away from the LibOVR interface, so development has effectively ceased.

Work is going to be substantial to add OpenXR support to PsychXR. I started a few years back, but the lack of interest and funding stalled development. I got as far as loading the OpenXR runtime and passing textures to the display, so it’s totally possible. If people are interested in AR/VR support in PsychoPy, or just through PsychXR, I’ll revive the project, but my time is limited these days. I’ll certainly need outside contributors to make this happen.