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Is Psychopy.visual.Rift class is also usable for the Oculus Quest2?

I’m trying to use a HMD for the test, but Oculus is only providing a new version of the HMD, Oculus Quest2 in Japan market now. Do anyone who has tested using Oculus Quest with a class, “Psychopy.visual.Rift” ?


I’m the developer for PsychXR and the Rift class. While I haven’t used the Oculus Quest 2 with PsychoPy, others I have worked with have successfully done so. You will need a link cable to use it since PsychXR and PsychoPy are PC only for VR.

Hello, Thanks for your reply!
and thanks for your suggestion, to use Psycho XR and the Rift class.
I will buy used Rift headsets or buy from other countries through Amazon.
best regards

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