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Running NIH Examiner on PsychoPy3 (Pavlovia)

Hello, I am trying to get the NIH Examiner running in PsychoPy on Pavlovia to run an online experiment. Unfortunately the NIH Examiner is programmed to run in PsychoPy 1.73.05, which (from my understanding) is not compatible with Pavlovia. So, I am trying to run the program in PsychoPy 3 but so far am running into some errors. Has anyone else tried this or does anyone have experience with a similar issue? I a new to PsychoPy and Python so not very familiar with the code and errors.

The first error I have come up against is this:

File “…/…/lib/lavatask/”, line 1020
print “Left:” + str(self.left) + "[ " + str(self.left_time) + "]; " + “Middle:” + str(self.middle) + "[ " + str(self.middle_time) + "]; " + “Right:” + str(self.right) + "[ " + str(self.right_time) + "]; "
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Any help on how to resolve this would be much appreciated!

You could install a Python2 version of Psychopy 2020: StandalonePsychoPy3_PY2-2020.1.3-win32.exe

The error you get is probably because the experiment was written in Python2, but now your installation runs with Python3. That is not an issue of your PsychoPy version, because as I say above, there is a PY2 version of Psychopy 2020.

In Python3, the print statement is a function. That means if you’d want the code to run in PY3 you’d have to surround everything following print with parentheses. But that is most likely not the only error you’ll encounter switching both your Psychopy version and Python version.

Thank you so much, this is really helpful! Do you by any chance know if there is a mac version of the Python2 version of Psychopy 2020? I have a Macbook so the windows version wouldn’t work for me, and I wasn’t able to find a Mac version on the website.

I did figure out the issue with the print statement, but as you said I am running into other errors that will likely take me a while to troubleshoot, so if I could manage to install a Python2 version that would be really helpful.

Thanks again!

I couldn’t find a P2 release for MacOS as part of the last releases. You can see for yourself on GitHub (in case I overlooked something):

Just to clarify, it is important for you to update to a newer version, right? Because otherwise if you’re just interested in this one experiment, you can still install the old PY2 version your experiment was programmed in from GitHub. And you could keep your new Psychopy 2020 PY3 installation for new experiments. The two installations wouldn’t interfere with each other.

Thanks, I couldn’t find one either but I’ll keep looking.

Yes, I need the newer version because (unless I’m missing something), older versions of PsychoPy aren’t compatible with Pavlovia which is needed to put the experiment online. I did install the old PY2 version and got the experiment running on that, but then realised that I couldn’t put the experiment online from that version, so I have been trying to get it running on PsychoPy3. I will keep looking for a Mac version and trouble shooting in PsychoPy3 for now… thanks for your help!