Pavlovia: The experiment struck at the inistialising phase

URL of experiment: version2_4Img [PsychoPy] (

Description of the problem: The experiment is running fine on PsychoPy, but when I tried to run on the Pavlovia, it’s not running. Any leads would be appreciated!

You can open the console (Firefox: ctrl + shift + K) to see what error prevents the initialization. In your case, it’s the import of a package psychopy module that does not work in JS.

Thank you for your suggestions! Yes, there was importing error in JS, now I fixed those but I’m facing different error now: Even though the order is correct, It still prints Incorrect, Function: checkAnswer. Not able to figure out what it is though.

Hi There,

if @ajus solved this issue please may you mark that answer as the solution and start a new topic for the new error?