Running an experiment with Pavlovia without use the proposed softwares (i.e. PsychoJs, jsPsych ...)


I was wondering if it is possible to run an experiment with Pavlovia without it being developed with the proposed tools (i.e. PsychoJs, jsPsych …). The experiment is coded in javascript/Html and we use node.js too.

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You could, though it might be a bit of fidgeting to get the connection with Pavlovia to work. Examining how to setup a jsPsych task (and how the jsPsych-pavlovia plugin communicates with Pavlovia) could be good starting point.

Not sure about the node.js part though; as far as I know, Node is server-side, and server-side scripting isn’t supported by Pavlovia.

Best, Thomas

Ok, I will look at this.
Thank you for your help !

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