Is it possible to use Pavlovia with our own custom-built JS?


I’m completely new to Pavlovia. I’ve been trying to figure out whether we can use our already existing HTLM/JS—without having to record our experiment in PsychoJS, JSPsych, PsychoPy or similar? I can’t find documentation of the type of data format that Pavlovia would seem to expect when data is sent to the server. For example, we already have functions that format our collected data for Mechanical Turk (individual HTML form fields) or for Proliferate (JSON; for use with Prolific). Would one of these two data formats be accepted by Pavlovia?

Apologies if I’m completely misunderstanding the architecture. I hope to get some pointers. After reading the documentation of Pavlovia and PsychoPy, I wasn’t able to find the answer. Thanks!