Integration jsPsych 6.0.5 (STOP-It, Verbruggen, 2019) to Pavlovia

Hey everyone,

I am trying in vain to integrate an already programmed experiment (GitHub - fredvbrug/STOP-IT) which is programmed in version jsPsych 6.0.5 into Pavlovia (using the instructions on the website). Unfortunately this does not work at all.

Does anyone know if it is theoretically possible to integrate an experiment (programmed with jsPsych6.0.5) into Pavlovia or do I have to rewrite the code into jsPsych7.x (which is definitely beyond my programming knowledge)? Is there any other way or can anyone help me?

thanks a lot and best regards


Hi @HannahKuhn
I’m afraid I don’t have any advice but I wondered if you’d been successful as I’m looking to do the same.

Best wishes

Hey Jemma,

Unfortunately, I was not successful in this respect. However, I was able to run the (already programmed) experiment successfully and with only minor adjustments via Jatos and MindProbe.

Maybe that will help you.

Best regards