Running a code from the PsychoPy App on Web Browser

Hello! I work in a psychology research lab at UCLA and we run most of our experimental tasks on PsychoPy, but the standalone 1.84.2 version. Due to the developing COVID restrictions, we are looking for ways to move the in-person tasks we run on the computer onto a web browser that would be easy for participants to maneuver. It seems the web browser option is only possible with the 3.0 version, and was wondering if anyone knew of any way we can move our tasks from PsychoPy to web browser with the older 1.84.2 version (without having to upgrade to 3.0)? Is this even feasible?

Thank you!


Install the latest version on another computer and see how it runs your old file. It is quite possible that it will run perfectly fine - you just need to test it and see.